European firms entering the US market must do several things simultaneously. We are the local partner who makes it all happen during the early phases of your US venture:

US lead generation for European technical products

If you had a choice, how would you want your best salespeople to spend their time? Would you have them scour the Internet for new leads in their territories? Or maybe you’d ask them to call dozens of prospects and leave… dozens of messages. Surely not!

No, if you had a choice, you’d have them spend as much time as possible speaking to and meeting with qualified prospects. But for that to happen, you need a well-oiled sales machine that continually generates plenty of new leads. Building that organization is a challenge even in your home country.
For export managers at European companies, the challenge is particularly daunting. Generating leads in America (or any foreign country) and then establishing productive relationships with US buyers is at least twice as hard as doing the same tasks in your home market. With a country the size of the United States, it’s hard to even know where to begin. Even if you have a list of leads, you can’t overlook the six-hour time difference between central Europe and the east coast of the US (the west coast is 9 hours behind Europe!). Then there is the language “barrier”. Your export salespeople speak good English, of course. But, cold calling in a foreign language, with contacts who are up to nine times zones away, is no fun. We know from experience!

MHTC helps European exporters overcome the early phases of US market entry with efficient lead generation and sales calls from our offices on the east cost of the US. With our help, your export sales team can focus on building relationships, closing deals, and driving revenue.

We follow three basic steps:

  • Listen and learn – Before we pick up the phone or write an email, we invest time in understanding your company, its value proposition, products, and strategic goals. We love learning about new products and innovations that solve tough problems. With more than 20 years experience selling technical products, we get up to speed quickly.
  • Market research and lead generation – With a solid understanding of your product’s benefits and target audience, our market specialists are ready to dive into the market and generate a segmented list of target companies. We use open-source and proprietary databases to generate reports on the geographic distribution of target companies and other market intelligence. Our first round of lead generation will yield many good prospects, but your feedback will steer our subsequent efforts as we learn more.
  • Cold prospecting – The objective of this step is to find the right contacts at target companies, whether those are plant managers, engineers, or purchasing agents. You are kept abreast of our progress with detailed notes and reports.

Appointment scheduling

Even in your home country, getting appointments can be a challenge. So how are you supposed to establish new contacts and arrange appointments thousands of miles away? By the time the Americans have poured their first cup of coffee, you’re already thinking about heading home!

With the lead generation process started, MHTC is perfectly placed to establish contact and arrange appointments with potential customers. In fact, we can handle the entire process, including scheduling, rental cars, hotels, and even networking events in your industry. We recommend pre-visit video conferences, so you can get down to business when you’re on-site.
Make sure you’re well rested before flying to the US, because we will keep you busy from arrival to departure!

Technical service and support

With professional lead generation and appointment scheduling, it will not take long before you get several strong leads and your first sales in the US. If you do not already have customer service and support in the US, now is the time to get started. By the time you are meeting personally with American customers, it is advisable to – at a minimum – have a strategy for providing rapid and effective service and support..

Our US network contains dozens of experienced mechanical and electrical engineers who are skilled at troubleshooting and problem-solving. We network with engineers and organize specialized Meetup groups specifically for this purpose.
We will put you on a video call with several candidates and help you select the best one for your company. Starting with your first visit to the US, we include meetings with service technicians as standard practice. MHTC recommends training two service technicians right away, either per video conference, at your headquarters, or here in the US.
As your “fixer”, we facilitate scheduling, travel, and back-office tasks so service technicians can do what they do best: diagnose problems, assist customers, and keep your products, machines, and systems up and running for the customer.

US point of contact

Like a pure startup company, any newly formed US subsidiary needs to perform multiple activities simultaneously, and do it all with limited resources. Tasks vary by industry but commonly include:

⦁ Entity establishment (Inc., LLC, etc.)
⦁ Tax compliance (federal, state, and local)
⦁ Regulatory compliance (FDA, USDA, OSHA).
⦁ Mailing address or physical location
⦁ Local phone number
⦁ Warehouse
⦁ Service and support
⦁ Sales and marketing

Having an experienced local point of contact saves time and makes everything easier. With more than 20 years of experience supporting foreign firms, MHTC collaborates with an established network of attorneys, accountants, marketing specialists, engineers, and business service providers. Our clients benefit from rapid completion of essential tasks so maximum effort can placed on sales, marketing, and customer support. Flexibility and speed are key!

German translation

MHTC clients from the German-speaking countries of Europe can take advantage of our in-house German translation services. Most export-oriented European firms work with a translation agency that performs translations from the firm’s native language, e.g. German, into many different languages.

But, did you know that translation agencies will often translate the original German (or French or Spanish…) into English first and then use the English translation as the source language for all other languages? In general, this practice is perfectly acceptable. In fact, it is often necessary simply because English is – by far – the mostly commonly studied foreign language. In other words, the probability of finding an experienced translator of English is much higher than for any other language. When English is the source language, the field of potential translators expands greatly.

Why MHTC should translate your German product literature, operating instructions, and service manuals
English is special. As the global language of business, it serves as the default choice among business partners who do not know each other’s languages. When an Italian businesswoman travels to Poland, for example, in all likelihood she will communicate with English.
English is frequently the “base language” for translation, so exporting firms are wise to put extra effort into the English translations of their product literature, operating instructions, and service manuals. With a good English translation, obtaining translations into any other language is relatively straightforward.
As the sales and service partner for European companies in the United States, MHTC invests substantial time up front into understanding each client’s product strategy, corporate culture, and strategic goals. This makes us the ideal choice for crafting professionally-written English product literature and other key documents. Our clients can depend on our German-to-English translations to be accurate, concise, and stylistically appropriate.

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